Our Pressure Washing Services

Clean California Pressure Washing is a very reputable company that businesses rely on. We stand on our word to be fair priced and constantly thorough in what we do.

Prices are based on average condition of a job site, and some conditions may require us to add additional charges depending on the circumstances like furniture or obstacles./p>

Our starting rate is $100.00 per hour, $100 minimum on most jobs, and then there will always be a $100.00 fee to cover the set up, and $100.00 breakdown of the equipment especially on reclaiming water.

  • Pressure washing: .15 to .25 cents a square foot depending on appearance/condition
  • Reclaiming water: $75.00 to $100.00 an hour for most pressure washing situations or jobs
  • Pressure washing roofs: .30 to .45 cents a square ft. depending on appearance/condition
  • Small Awning: $25.00, Medium awning $60.00, Large awning $100.00
  • Facial Cleaning: .10 cents a square foot concrete .12 cents a square foot
  • Ceramic Tile & algae cleaning: .17 to .23 per square foot
  • Dumpster areas: $75-$100, including the dumpsters themselves
  • 1 STORY walls: up to 2000 square ft. $250-$500
  • 2 STORY walls: up to 4000 square ft. $500-$900
  • Patios, Pools, Decks: $99.00 per/hr. approx. same as or similar as concrete.
  • SMALL Lots: 0-20 Parking spaces $12-$20
  • MEDIUM Lots: 20-60 Parking spaces $12-$15
  • LARGE Lots: 60+ Parking Spaces $10-$12

None of the pricing above includes water reclamation

patio after being pressure washed
  • Wood and cedar fencing: .8 – .12 cents a square ft.
  • Gutter Cleaning: depending on the length and height in addition to the clean-up.
  • Acid wash and neutralize: is from .40 to.50 cents a square foot depending on the condition of the surfaces.
  • To stain: is .40 cents a square foot depending on application.
  • Sealing price is from .15 to.30 cents a square foot depending on application

Maintenance Programs

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually!

We have a price list that is ready to be viewed and cross referenced, etc.

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